Parent Involvement

We believe in fostering active parent/teacher relationships by providing daily opportunities for parent/teacher interaction.  We believe that it is important for parents to keep current of happenings at school.  We’d like you to work closely with the teachers in order to make your child’s experience here the best possible.  Please:

    1.  Check your child’s cubby and folder daily
    2.  Check the Parent Board for new information
    3.  Sign your child in and out every day
    4.  Let the teachers know when something at home may affect your child’s     behavior at school
    5.  Watch for field trip flyers
    6.  Watch for special occasion sign-up sheets
    7.  Call in before 8:00am if your child won’t be at school that day
    8.  Make tuition payments on time. You will be billed through FACTS, our online billing system. If you prefer to pay with a check, there are three payment boxes, one is     located in the office,  one in the 3 year old room and one in the 4 year old room.
    9.  Keep all information up-to-date in your child’s files

Parents are encouraged to participate as volunteers in the following areas:

    1.  Assist in class activities and field trips
    2.  Donate quality toys and books that are no longer used.
    3.  Use your talents to improve our program and facility.
    4.  Help maintain the facility.
    5.  Donate art materials:  Paper towel tubes, paper plates, buttons, tacky     glue, yarn, egg cartons, lunch size paper bags, Ziploc bags
    6.  Cutting out lamination or materials for projects
    7.  Reading to the kids from time-to-time
    8.  Driving for field trips
    9.  Planning classroom parties
    10.  Helping wash and disinfect classroom toys on a regular basis
    11.  Using your areas of expertise to come into the classroom and do a     mini lesson with the children (example:  woodworking, leather, sewing, etc)

Programs to help our school